Scientific theories about how extraterrestrials might look like

As our understanding of the Universe grows, so we are now curious to know that whether we are alone in this Universe? And if there is someone out there? What are they? How do they look like?

Humans have always been curious about what lies beyond the realm of earth. Even in ancient times, we often come across curious stories, poems and scriptures regarding man’s curiosity to know what stars are? How far are they? Who lives on them? As our understanding and technology grew, we ventured to the place beyond our home planet. Scientists all across the globe are working towards expanding their knowledge towards aliens and extraterrestrials. And most importantly, if they exist, then how do they look? Here are some of the theories.


Do you know that cockroaches are the world’s most indestructible creatures (anybody who has tried to wipe them out of their house would know)? It is due to their exoskeleton that is so thick that they can even come unharmed during a nuclear explosion. So, many scientists are of the opinion that considering the varied environment other planets have, a creature with a strong exoskeleton that which acts as armour can come in handy. Whether these creatures or extraterrestrials are intelligent like humans or not, we are not too sure.

Like a Jellyfish

Scientists are of the opinion that if there is life outside the earth on some other planet, the extraterrestrials would most likely be marine creatures. According to Maggie Aderin-Pocock, who works with Astrium, which is a space firm says that these marine extraterrestrials would use pulses of light to communicate and mouth openings that helps them to take chemicals from the atmosphere that helps them to reproduce and grow. The basis of her theory is mostly on the fact that life on earth also started in its oceans.

Like human beings

A very interesting hypothesis by Simon Conway Morris, a professor of evolutionary paleobiology from the University of Cambridge, believes that extraterrestrials could also be just like human beings. He even went on to add that these creatures would not only be similar to humans in appearance and anatomy, but their vices would be uncannily similar such as violence, greed and exploiting the weak etc. Whether their being like is us is good or bad, it still remains debatable.

So, do you have an idea what extraterrestrials would look like? What is your version of E.T or Extraterrestrials?

Priyadarshini Kaul

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