Scientific ways you can make an excellent first impression.

Did you know that people form their first impression about you within seven minutes of meeting you?

No matter how shallow it may sound, but first impressions are very important. People would form their opinion about you in just the first seven seconds of meeting you. Professionally, these seven seconds can be extremely vital for you as a business associate, interviewer, or client won’t make an attempt to know you further. The earliest impression is what would benefit you professionally. Even in personal relationships, if you want somebody to notice you, the first impressions are extremely crucial. Here are some of the ways you can make an excellent first impression, according to science.

Warm, dry and firm handshake.

Studies have proved time, and again that a warm, dry and firm handshake are one of the key factors that makes a good first impression. Interestingly, studies have also proved that women are more likely to notice such non-verbal cues. So, if you have a lady to impress, your handshake should be firm, warm and try to keep your hands sweat-free.

Have strong eye contact.

Maintain strong eye contact with the other person. Look them in the eye when while talking to them. Experts believe that people who have maintained a firm and strong eye contact while conversing are perceived as “intelligent”. But understand the fine line between strong eye contact or creepy and odd gaze.

Dress smartly.

If you are meeting someone for the first time professionally or personally, it is vital that you take care of your attire. If you are wearing ill-fitting, creased clothes can put off some people. On the other hand, nice fitting, proper and smart outfits (according to the occasion) make you look more confident, successful, and interesting.

Wait for the other person to speak.

Try to let the other person steer the course of the conversation. According to science, if you try to monopolize the conversation, it looks dominating and can overwhelm other parties. And such behaviour does not spark warmth rather intimation. So, try to listen more, let the other person speak more.


And lastly, don’t forget to smile. Interestingly, a study in the United Kingdom studied the relation between facial expression and its effect on the other person. The results were surprising, humans always lookout forfacial expressions and try to base their opinion about the personon the basis of it. Blank faces and angry expressions are also a strict no-no!

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