Published By: Sougata Dutta

Scuba Diving - And Underwater Sport

Go underwater and gather some new experience

Scuba-diving doesn’t seem like a sport, right? Well, you would have been right if it was still the 20th century. Since the year 2000, Scuba diving has adapted into competitions too. The events are sometimes solo or even a team game. Using modern versions of scuba equipment, this sport provides utter joy and thrill to those who love the underwater realm. But again, the competitions are held in protected swimming pools.

History: breath-taking

Although the history of Scuba diving is centuries old, the history of scuba diving as a sport is just a kid to that. The idea originated in the Zaragoza region of Spain in the last 2-3 years of the 20th century. People became interested in the new mode of sport and made it a success having the very first competition arranged in Zaragoza in 2000. It was a 300mt. lap-based underwater race event. With time, proper rules, committees and federations were made worldwide.

Equipment: all you need

Anyone can understand, this kind of sport requires proper equipment. You will be needing a diving mask, buoyancy compensator, weighting system, diving regulator, snorkel and a submersible pressure gauge. Apart from these devices, you will be needing a dry suit and underwater boots too.

Individual events: go solo

The classic M 300 metres has six laps. In the first lap, you have to enter using a scuba set. Then at the mid lap, you have to let go of the scuba set and ascend to the surface by free swimming using a snorkel. The second lap is totally swimming on the surface whereas, in the third lap, you have to dive in and recover the scuba set and then complete the remaining laps using the gears. Another solo event is Night diving. This is more fun when the competitor has to wear a covered mask and has to find three objects underwater.

Team events: two or four

There are obstacle courses for two men's teams. This needs immense coordination between the athletes. The total course is 100 metres divided into parts with various hurdles. This consists of swimming through tunnels, gathering equipment, removing scuba sets, etc. The four-man event is called Briefing. In this event, the four divers have to start diving at four corners of the pool and meet in the middle, where the captain explains the task to them. When the captain is satisfied with the result, they come to the surface.

Future: progressing

Although this sport is most popular in Europe, it is becoming quite an attraction day by day.