Secrets of Getting a Glowing Skin with Natural Ingredients

If your skin is healthy and supple, it will be reflected through a natural glow making you stand out in a group.  We all yearn for healthy skin and often spend a fortune on beauty treatments or chemical-based products. If you look around you, you could quickly look for natural beauty enhancers in your pantry assuring a radiant skin. Here are a few ingredients to consider to restore and enhance the natural glow on your skin.


We are made up of water which constitutes 70% of our body weight. However, it is the most neglected ingredient of our beauty regime.  We can’t stress the importance of having at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Apart from hydration, consuming 3-4 litres of water every day will flush out the harmful toxins in your body, satiate your hunger pangs and also aid in the loss of extra weight. So, set up a reminder drink water every hour, and you will notice a subsequent glow on your face.


Your skin could benefit from this simple product from your pantry. It reduces acne and rough skin with its anti-bacterial property. You could mix honey in your regular face pack and apply it on your face for clear and blemish-free skin.  And it works like a charm for those who have dry skin.

Besan or Gram flour

This ingredient has been a favourite of our grandmothers and has been in use since eternity. A homemade ubtan with besan, milk and turmeric can be used as a natural exfoliation for the skin. The centuries-old ingredient never goes out of fashion and is a trusted companion of healthy skin for generations

Tea Bags for Eye Care

A relief for the puffed eyes, chilled tea bags could be put on the eyes to soothe and relax your eyes. If your eyes are watery and itchy, try using warm squeezed tea bags for instant relief. So when you are stocking up your tea, try saving a few tea bags for the well- being of your eyes

Aloe Vera

Our trusted house plant has been into use since the time immemorial.  This plant helps in keeping the skin hydrated and cool especially when it gets burned. Aloe Vera gel is rich in antioxidants, vitamins E and A which could be used as a face cream, or as a mask.

Your skincare routine should also be accompanied with a healthy meal and proper nutrition. And always remember to smile as it will make you glow from inside.

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