Published By: Satavisha

Seven Effective Ingredients Every Good Toner Should Have Based On Your Skin Requirements

Facial toners are hands-down one of the most frequently misunderstood skincare products. Toners are often overlooked when picking skincare products and are believed to be useful for people with oily skin only. In reality, it is far from being true.

High-end, expensive skincare products are not the only things your skin needs to stay healthy and radiant. Toners play a critical role in daily skincare routine by aiding hydration, helping restore pH balance, eliminating dead skin cells, tightening pores and treating acne.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will know which ingredients are best suited to your skin's needs—to achieve radiant, hydrated, and healthy skin.

Green Tea: For Inflamed and Acne Prone Skin

Green tea is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and can help treat skin irritation, swelling, and redness. It is also an excellent ingredient for treating sunburn. Green tea’s anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties help fight acne. A toner infused with green tea can help diminish sebum secretion, which is one of the major promoters of acne.

Mint Leaves: Slows Down Signs of Ageing and Tightens Pores

A mint toner can refresh and energise your tired and dull skin. Mint leaves contain a mild astringent that can help tone your skin, effectively eliminate dead skin cells, cleanse the pores, and retain moisture.

Mint leaves are rich in rosmarinic acid, an antioxidant that promotes improved blood circulation and hydrates the skin. In addition, it can shield the skin from being hampered by free radicals and slows down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Coconut Water: Hydrates Parched Skin

Containing 94 percent water—coconut water can nourish your skin by hydrating and rejuvenating it. People with dry skin should use a toner infused with coconut water to reduce dryness and brighten the skin.

Rose Water: For Oily and Pigmented Skin

Rose Water is an incredible ingredient for those who have oily or pigmented skin due to acne breakouts. When slathered on the skin, rose water induces a soothing and refreshing effect, which helps diminish irritation and redness.

Chamomile: Shrinks Pores and Soothes Hyperpigmentation

Chamomile tightens skin pores, eliminates dirt and gunk and limits oil secretion—making the skin more supple and appear healthier. If you apply a toner infused with chamomile every day, your skin will revitalise. Furthermore, chamomile has brightening and astringent properties that can fade hyperpigmentation, soften the skin, and treat acne scars.

Vitamin C: Combat Signs of Ageing

Vitamin C can help stimulate the production of collagen to fight signs of ageing. It is an effective ingredient that can diminish the appearance of uneven skin tone and fine lines, leaving your skin looking more youthful. A toner infused with vitamin C is suited to all skin types.

Sweet Lime: Treats dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Sweet lime is touted for its fantastic ability to diminish dark circles and puffy eyes. You can also prepare a DIY toner at home with sweet lime to revitalise your skin. This magical ingredient is rich in citric acid and vitamin C, which works wonders as a cleanser.

Toners yield the best results only when used correctly, just like any other skincare product. Make sure you are applying toner on a cleansed face with a cotton pad and gently swipe it across your face. You can also use a toner mist spray and spritz it all over your face and neck for your daily dose of hydration.