Seven Interesting Facts about Ancient Egypt (Part I )

Egyptian civilization is one of the four ancient civilizations of the world and it’s famous for the Pyramids which were actually constructed as tombs for the Pharaos the Egyptian version of the ruling class. Along with the Pyramids, this civilization is known for being very developed and rich. The Egyptian civilization is full of intriguing facts, and we have created a list of seven interesting facts about the ancient Egypt. Read them on:

Pyramids are Actually Tombs of Dead Pharaos

Ancients Egyptians believed in life after death and they preserved the bodies of Pharaos in the form of Mummies and kept them in large tombs we know as Pyramids today. 

Pyramids are synonyms with Egypt and it’s the first picture of Egypt that comes to our minds whenever we think about pyramids. The great pyramid of Gaza is one of the seven wonders of the modern world and the only remaining ancient Seven Wonders of the World. Egyptians believed their kings known as Pharaos are the incarnation of Gods and they preserved their bodies in the form of mummies and kept them in pyramids along with jewelry etc that will help Pharaos in the afterlife. The society in ancient Egypt consisted of a descending hierarchy; The Gods, the King, the blessed dead, and humanity.

First United Egyptian Kingdom was founded around 3,200 BC.

The ancient Egyptian civilization is probably the most older among all ancient civilizations of the world and the first Egyptian Kingdom surfaced around 3,200 BC. 

The first unified Egyptian Kingdom was founded around 3,200 BC means 5,000 years ago from today’s time. It makes them probably the most ancient kingdom in the world. The ancient kingdoms of Egypt were divided into three time periods known as the Old Kingdom ‘Age of Pyramids’, Middle Kingdom ‘Golden Age, and the New Kingdom ‘Imperial Age’. As the title signifies, most of the pyramids were made during the old kingdom also known as the age of pyramids between 3000 BC to 2000 BC.

Ancient Egypt was a Feminist civilization 

It is amazing to know that the ancient Egyptian society gave women equal opportunities as men and they enjoyed the freedom and an array of rights.

The ancient Egyptian society was quite feminist in its own ways and gave women freedom along with a vast range of rights. In fact, many women even ascended the thrones. The women were never denied any financial and legal rights. Few women in ancient Egypt held important posts and some were even Pharaohs. Women of royal blood were believed to be divine and commanded a highly respectable position in society.

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