Seven reasons to binge-watch Gilmore Girls right now!

Gilmore Girls is possibly the holy grail of pop culture shows. The simplicity of the story, witty dialogues and the myriad of emotions the show makes us feel, are only a few basic reasons why one should watch Gilmore Girls at least once in their lifetime. The series takes us on a journey of Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory. Living in a quaint town, audience literally watches the two grow in life as well as in the series.

While seven seasons might seem like a lot to binge on, trust us, it’ll be worthwhile. And, to convince you even more, we have the seven perfect reasons why you need to grab a cup of coffee, some popcorn and laugh along with the Gilmores.

  1. Dynamic relationships – The show writers have done a brilliant job in showing how different mother-daughter relationships can be. On the one hand, we have an extremely friendly relationship of Lorelai and Rory. On the other hand, we have the complex and bitter relationship between Lorelai and her mother, Emily Gilmore. Throughout the seven seasons, we see them all grow and change. And, that’s what life is about right?
  2. Gives you a hopeful reminder that hard work pays off – Lorelai’s journey from being a waitress to an owner of her own inn is a journey as inspiring as you can think of! It teaches you that never give up, no matter how many hurdles you have to cross achieving your dream.
  3. Sets un-idealistic standards – The show will keep reminding you that it’s okay to not be perfect always. Whether at school or at work, if you falter then take some time and get back up again! Just as Rory took her own sweet time thinking about college.
  4. Lorelai is the perfect image of a strong independent woman – Arguably the best character of the show, Lorelai has her flaws, but her witty comebacks will make you love her. She can set out on a solo trip and also falter in love. And she sure can make you laugh!
  5. Quirky characters – Gilmore Girls has a wide range of characters. From mean but sweet Luke to mischievous Kirk. Every character in the show is well-written and has unique characteristics.
  6. Witty banter – Yes, we have mentioned this multiple times, but once you watch the show you will know how many witty dialogues are there in it! In fact, most of Lorelai’s conversations start and end with humour and irony.
  7. Will give you the warm fuzzy feelings – Just like every other show, Gilmore Girls also has several love stories. Some will break your heart and make you cry; some will make you cringe. But all in all, you will come out of it with some heavy couple goals!

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