She really can do it all: 5 best roles of Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep can play Batman and still be the right choice, as Cam once said.

Has anyone found an acting role yet that Meryl Streep cannot perfect? No way. Not yet. Give her to play a lonely housewife, or a Holocaust survivor, a straight-from-hell kinda boss or a dead-not-dead woman – if Meryl Streep is onscreen, she is a juggernaut.

Here are a few memorable roles:

  1. Kramer vs Kramer:

Though Streep had a much shorter than screen time than de Niro, it was enough to put Streep on the map. And when I say map, I mean the Oscars. Her close-up monologue was enough to turn our eyes misty. And that’s the charm about her: when she feels onscreen, we feel it with her.

  1. Sophie’s Choice:

This movie had Oscar written all over it, all thanks to Streep’s fake teeth, impeccable accent and measured intensity to make Sophie that big a calibre to unload. Even though Streep had earned a name before this, Sophie’s Choice catapulted her into the big hall of the Academy; Streep took home the leading actress Oscar for her role.

  1. The Devil Wears Prada:

Meryl Streep just proves that she can turn any role into her second skin. She does so (like with every other performance) with Miranda Priestly. Streep becomes Runway editor-in-chief and with the faintest voice manages an entire office (if not the entire fashion industry), including the speech about the cerulean sweater. With every pursed lip, every chin tilt and every “That’s all”, she denotes with every gesture, and she is unmatchable.

  1. August: Osage County:

Yet another awards-courting form, Meryl Streep is the matriarch of the Weston family, and her bitterness in the brokenness of the family is charioted by Streep. The list of A-list stars gathered around Weston’s family table stellar is enough to chart this movie up the ranks, but Streep’s Violet meshes so well with Julia Roberts’ Barbara, especially in the climax scene of the movie.

  1. The Iron Lady:

Streep plays the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The dramatic impersonation by Streep is flawless, and her portrayal of Thatcher impeccable, but by now we already are aware of Streep’s never-faltering brilliance. Streep seeps into the hard parts of the first-ever woman Prime Minister but stays grounded enough to portray the other side of the lady -the mother, the wife. Streep won her second Oscar for the portrayal of Margret Thatcher.

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