Shop while you float: World’s rare floating markets that needs your attention

These floating markets selling fresh produce has become a rare sight now, so before they vanish entirely, visit at least a few of these

Ever wanted to shop for groceries while floating on the water? There are a few places in the world where you can do just that. You can actually buy various types of food and souvenirs while floating on the water. This activity was originally used as a way to commute.These days, most floating markets are used as tourist attractions but they are usually open at 4 in the morning.

DamnoenSaduak Floating Market, Thailand

The ‘DamnoenSaduak Floating Market’ is a well-known tourist spot in Ratchaburi, Thailand. It’s about a hundred kilometers from Bangkok, and it requires an early morning wake-up. Due to its popularity, the market is often visited by both Western and Thai tourists. This is why vendors here mainly cater to these visitors, but also locals.

Lok Baintan Floating Market, Indonesia

The ‘Ling Baintan Floating Market’ is located in Banjar Regency in Borneo’s South Kalimantan Province. It can be reached by riverboat. This area has been regarded as one of the city’s most prominent landmarks. The traditional Banjar culture of this region continues to be reflected in the market, which features only boats.

Dal Lake Floating market, Srinagar

One of the most famous landmarks in Kashmir is the Dal Lake, which is known for its beautiful shikaras and various other attractions. However, did you know that there’s also a vegetable market in the lake? The ‘Salah Lake Floating Market’ is only one of the two such markets in the world that’s located in India. The other one is in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. This market caught the attention of a Japanese photographer in 1960.

Floating market in the Solomon Islands

Unlike the small boats found in South East Asia, the people of the Solomon Islands have a unique experience when it comes to floating markets. This region is located near Australia and Papua New Guinea. The waters surrounding the islands are very clean, and the coral reefs are also very impressive.

Inle Lake floating market in Nyaungshwe, Myanmar

Small boats are commonly used in this market, which features various types of hand-made products such as carvings, tools, and textiles. It’s very functional and offers basic needs, but the location of the market changes constantly. The market is located in five different areas around the lake. These include Heho, Minethauk, Taunggyi, Swanyaung, and Nyaungshwe. It’s usually held on the lake itself, and it caters to tourists.

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