Shopping Online? – Here Is Everything You Should Keep In Mind

A comprehensive guide to shopping online to evade scams and security breaches.

What kept us going through difficult times was- shopping! With online shopping, we can be seated in pyjamas and purchase anything and everything we want from all around the globe. As great as it sounds, if you are not cautious with it, it can generate more harm than you think. To avoid a tragic outcome from your innocent purchase, here are a few guidelines you can follow that will make your experience flawless.

  1. Use Known Websites-

No matter how lucrative the product is, always check the popularity of the website. Shady websites trick you by offering a fantastic price and get your account details. Before you know it, your account will be out of credit.

  1. Don’t Overuse Password-

If you purchase things from a unique website, while setting a password, do not save the same for every site. The personal details like your birth date, credit card number and CVV can lead to an infringement of secrecy that can misuse your data against you.

  1. Build a Strong Password-

Whenever you make your account on a shopping website, make sure your password is private and difficult to copy. If someone familiar gets hold of your phone or laptop, your account can be hacked.

  1. Examine Product Details-

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the product pictures we hardly check the details. Scrutinize the product by the said features, the material, colour, size and the return policy. If you are not confident about a product, before paying online, you can ask for cash on delivery instead.

  1. Check the Shipping Cost-

You must have realized that when you check the price of an item, it is way lesser than the one in the market, but the shipping cost adds to the price of the original product. Make sure you check with your pin code the price added for delivering and then analyze if it’s worth buying.

  1. Compare the Price of Related Products-

Popular shopping sites give you the option of buying a product after comparing with similar ones to get the best one. From seeing the best discount price to the choicest materials and reviews, you can get the one most suitable for your requirement.

  1. Read Product Reviews-

Make sure you see reviews of the product before clicking on “buy now.” The most honest reviews can be from the ones who have bought the product. The best reviews are the ones where the product purchased is displayed along with a picture.

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