Should You Get A Yearly Eye Exam?

Give your eyes regular care

Eye is a strange creation of the animal world. We see everything because we have eyes. We live our life in such a way because we can see. We want to make everything better because we see it.

But the eye is one of the most sensitive senses among the five senses. Even the slightest incident can have a detrimental effect on the eyesight. Also, due to various reasons, the performance of various parts of the eye often decreases. As a result, people’s eyesight deteriorates, and people can even become blind. It is with this vitality in mind that the following discussion is made.

How Do We See

Light rays incident on an object in front of the eye are reflected on the lens of the eye and reflected back inside the lens to form an image. After that, the signal of the rays are absorbed by the rod cells and the con cells behind the lens and reaches the brain through the optic nerve. Then we can see something. If there is any disruption in this entire process, our eyesight is damaged. Some of the notable ones are discussed below.

Cataract and Glaucoma

Cataracts are cloudiness of the lens, which prevents light from entering the lens. Glaucoma, on the other hand, is a condition caused by high pressure in the lens that damages the optic nerve. Diabetic patients especially, are prone to this disease after the age of forty. And cataract and glaucoma are two diseases that can lead to blindness if not treated properly at the right time. So regular eye exams are needed to prevent this possibility of blindness.

Hypermetropia and Myopia

Two diseases of reduced vision are hypermetropia and myopia. Hypermetropia causes difficulty in seeing near objects and myopia causes difficulty in seeing far objects. These diseases are caused by changes in the shape of the lens of the eye. These diseases are very common diseases. But people suffering from these diseases need to get checked up regularly and start using glasses. And regular eye exams are necessary to ensure that.

Regular Eye Checkup

Those who use glasses on a regular basis do need to go for an eye check up every six months or at least once in a year to adjust the power of the glasses and to know the condition of their eyesight.

Besides, there are so many other diseases that may occur with our eyes which may not get dominant at the very beginning but may cause a big damage afterwards. For which we need to go for regular check ups.

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