Should You Get A Yearly Physical Exam?

Go for regular check ups

Our body is constantly affected by various internal and external factors. And due to that the normal health of our body is often destroyed. Sometimes its effect is very easily visible, then we become aware and seek medical help.

But it is often the case that the influence of these internal or external factors is not easily overt. But inside the body they cause various problems. As a result, people do not understand them easily. And on that occasion, those problems are magnified and become difficult to cure.

Therefore, to prevent this from happening, or to minimise it as much as possible, regular whole body check-ups, at least once a year, are necessary.

To ensure about severity

Diseases that do not show any symptoms in the initial stages, usually develop into severe conditions in the form of fatal diseases, which in most cases make it difficult to save the patient or cure the disease. So it is necessary to check the body to know for sure whether there is any such disease or its possibility.

To check the level of the presence of body fluid elements

Regular body examination is necessary to check the levels of various hormones, enzymes, and blood components such as hemoglobin, platelets, cholesterol, uric acid, blood sugar, blood pressure, cardiac output etc. Besides, it is necessary to regularly check the amount of sodium, potassium, bilirubin, biliverdin, SGPT, SGOT, urine components in the blood. Disruption of these elements leads to various complications and can lead to fatal diseases.

To ensure proper treatment on time

Regular physical examination is necessary to ensure that any disease can be treated at an early stage through early intervention. Because, severe diseases can only be tackled through early intervention and early treatment.

To check whether the running treatment is working effectively or not

If a person undergoes long-term treatment, regular body checks are necessary to understand how well the treatment is working. If it’s not going well, then the medicines should be changed.

Boundaries that people face

The problem that most of the people do face because of which they don’t get able to go through yearly exams is the financial problem. Most of the tests are not available in the government hospitals and the private institutes charge a huge fee. The entire health service has turned out so costly that it is hard for the common working people to live a healthy life. The government should take care of it.

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