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Shouldn’t Housework Counts as Exercise?

Why do we delegate all physical labor to the less fortunate while spending a massive amount burning calories in a gym!

The anomalies of the world often bewilder us. Have you noticed how much money wealthy people spend on staying in shape and getting those miles in! The more their bank balance, the more they spend on outsourcing menial labor, fundamental physical tasks that is a prerequisite to be a human being, to other people. For example, basic everyday chores like cleaning the house, twice a week taking good care of your own garden, making an effort to buy your own food and grocery from the grocer’s store instead of ordering in. Imagine how much calorie will we burn just to carry the groceries home. Yes, we have to ‘imagine’ that, now that buying grocery has become a thing of the yesterday!

This trend of outsourcing movement is a dangerous one. These are the forms of movement that human society has been based on and human beings have executed these tasks, accommodating such movements, for millennia, Human physiology has evolved accommodating such behaviors, like carrying heavy objects, Evolving its physique in a way that it can squat down for the purpose of picking up objects, reaching high above and fixing things. That’s how anthropologists have seen human societies develop; distributing such duties among the people equally. But we have now put in place a system that allows us to get all of our daily chores by people who work under us and what do we do with our free time? Hit the gym of course, to burn the calories! How is it even normalized to conserve calories while you can burn them well without a budget with just getting some of your work done!


This ominous question symbolizes the absurdity of this practice where we plan our exercises and cardio outside our daily tasks. Why? Because we can afford it? This approach helps us consume the process of calorie burning. Imagine, you are consuming a service that helps you burn your own calories where you could have simply burn it yourself. But the consumerist society will even make spending an approach of consumption. Let’s focus on being self-sufficient when it comes to physical labor, let’s treat that as our exercise? How would that be, folks?

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