Side effects of calcium supplements overdose

Calcium supplements, although considered effective and safe traditionally, have been proven to be harmful when consumed in excess quantity.

Calcium, an essential nutrient, is found in abundance in teeth and bones. Maintaining an optimal calcium concentration inside the body is a must to prevent bone damage and osteoporosis. Commonly, calcium is obtained from yogurt, tofu, broccoli, kale, oranges, milk, and other dairy products. Overdosing of any supplement can be lethal, the same applies to calcium supplements. Go through this article to know how the human body gets affected due to calcium overdose.

Excess calcium increases the risks of kidney disorders:

Excess calcium in the body makes the filtration function of the kidney harder. Consequently, the pressure increases regularly on both kidneys promoting kidney damage. So, when your doctor is giving you calcium supplements, ask about the duration you need to consume them.

Excess calcium can increase the risk of Stroke:

According to a recently published study, consuming calcium supplements for more than 10 years can elevate the risks of heart attack and stroke. The effective way to avoid this risk is to consume vitamin D along with calcium supplements.

Excess calcium and impact on brain functioning:

Elevated calcium concentration in the human body can promote various nervous system disorders affecting your thinking skills and cognition. It promotes confusion and dementia. Some reports have also mentioned that calcium concentration remains very high in patients in coma.

Excess calcium is bad for cardiovascular health:

Let’s assume some elements clogged inside the arteries, what will happen? Of course, your blood circulation throughout the body will be hampered. That’s exactly what happens when you take calcium supplements in excess. These calcium supplements create blockage in arteries promoting various cardiovascular diseases. So, for a healthy heart, do not consume excess calcium.

Excess calcium and digestive health:

Your digestive system gets badly affected by the wrong method of consuming calcium supplements. When a person consumes calcium with an empty stomach, it hampers acid secretion inside the stomach causing a pathological condition named achlorhydria. So, always consume calcium supplements after the meal.

Symptoms of high calcium concentration inside the body:

High calcium concentration or hypercalcemia can be detected by the following symptoms: headache, bone pain, lethargy, frequent urination, constipation, weakness, irritability, depression, loss of appetite, muscle cramps, and so on.

Scientifically, an adult human body needs 1000-1200 mg of calcium daily. Do not consume Calcium more than that.

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