Side effects of drinking too much lemon water

It is said too much of anything is bad. That applies even for the lemon water that you are drinking throughout the day. 

Many health experts and celebrities vouch for the benefits of adding lemon to water, which include weight loss; reducing dehydration; maintain healthy skin; detoxification, among many others. But did you know too much of it could be harmful to you?

Scroll below to find out the side effects of drinking lemon water regularly.

Tooth decay

According to the American Dental Association, drinking lemon water can cause erosion of your tooth enamel due to the high acidic nature of lemon. To avoid it from happening, you can drink the water out of straw and consume plain water alongside it.

Worsening of canker sores

The citric acid in lemons can increase or worsen existing canker sores, which are a form of mouth ulcers. Therefore, if you have canker sores avoid lemon until they heal completely.

Trigger migraines

Some researches have established a relation between citric fruits and migraines, even though it has not been definitively proven. The culprit could be the tyramine that is present in lemons.

Cause heartburn

Excess drinking of lemon water can cause heartburn or increase it in people who experience is frequently. Also called acid reflux, heartburn causes excruciating pain and burning sensation in your heart. It is recommended to cut down on your lemon intake or consult a doctor if you experience it often.

Increased stomach distress 

While the benefits of lemon water are focused on the stomach, adding more than required lemon in the water can cause gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and acid reflux. Both these things can cause vomiting, nausea and also heartburn, as noted above.

Dehydration and frequent urination

In some rare cases, lemon water can have a diuretic effect even though lemon juice increases urine production to get rid of excess fluids in the body. If you feel weak or dehydrated, try cutting back on your intake of lemon water. However, if it persists consult a doctor.

The side effects do not outweigh the benefits of drinking lemon with water, as they happen only when the ingredient is in huge quantities.

Drinking one or two glasses with a moderate amount of lemon juice will not cause any effects. However, if you do experience the above symptoms in an accelerated rate, stop its intake and seek medical attention.