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Signs that someone doesn’t want to hang out with you

Is your friend really busy?

Have you got that one person who makes up excuses whenever you mention getting together for lunch? They say they would try but never get back to you. Or they say they’re busy, but their IG story uploads say different. They probably have reasons ready: like the get together with their friends happened out of the blue and that they couldn’t say no. If this situation has happened on multiple occasions, its time to reassess if your friend is really busy or just “busy” when it comes to you.

If someone’s rejection to your plans has become a recurrent trend, there could be reasons. Maybe there are underlying feelings they don’t want to discuss, or you have drifted apart, or they just found other friends whose schedule matches theirs. Whatever the reason, it’s about time to realize the signs that your friend doesn’t want to hang out with you.

They take forever to reply

Your friend takes hours, even days to reply. You text them a plan to meet and are sometimes left on read. DMs are left unopened for day and any communication is hindered by them.

They bring another person

You have planned to meet with your friend solo and get surprised with another friend, a third wheel. It’s perfectly fine if they want you two to meet but if they frequently bring a third person to your meetups, chances are they don’t want to meet with you alone.

Their excuses are always vague

If their excuses are starting to feel vague after the fourth time, chances are they do not want to hang out with you. Some solid reasons like having to meet a friend who is visiting from out of town is a solid excuse. But the same excuse used over time is a sign.

Their messages are less than enthusiastic

One worded reply or just a “Sure, Okay” is plain unenthusiastic. If their messages feel unenergetic, it’s a sign they are agreeing to the meetup just cause and not because they want to.

You are the one asking what movies they want to watch, or which place they want to grab dinner in. It feels bad when the effort you’re putting is not reciprocated in the slightest and is about time to redirect your energy to some other place.

Conversations fall short and dry

When you do meet them, your talkative friend seems to have grown quiet. They do not ask questions, and the conversation is just about you catching up with them. It shows they are not really invested. When they run out of answers, they start checking their phone.


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