Signs That Suggest A Guy Is Not Into You and You Should Move On

Investing your precious time and energy in a man who does not feel for you romantically may be soul-crushing, and here are some signs you should look out for. 

In the world of modern dating, it is almost nerve-wracking to find out if the guy is genuinely interested in you. Unfortunately, we often fail to identify the tell-tale signs when we are in love, and we try to convince ourselves to neglect the potential red flags. When you are dating a guy, there will always be plenty of signs here and there to help you interpret how they feel for you. So let us explore some of those signs to find out if the guy you are dating is not into you and if it is time for you to move on.

He never initiates a conversation.

If a man genuinely likes you, he will contact you. You will receive random calls and messages from him every time he thinks of you or misses you, and he will make it known. He will be delighted to talk about his day with you and also ask about yours. If the guy you like rarely or never texts or calls you first, and you are always the one initiating a conversation, he is clearly not into you.

He does not listen to you attentively.

If you catch your guy looking distracted every time you speak, he is probably not interested in listening to you. A man who really admires you would give his full attention to you when you speak. If his mind is always on other things while you are hanging out with them, it is time for you to call it off and move on.

He cancels every date.

If you are dating a guy who is genuinely interested in you, he will be excited to spend time with you. But if he repeatedly makes excuses and calls off almost every date you plan, then it is because he has lost interest in you. A man who is truly interested will make time for you, and if he is busy, he will surely plan an alternative schedule.

He keeps the relationship revealed on social media.

It is not just about updating the relationship status; there is more to it. Observe his behavior on social media. Does he ever post photos of you or with you? Does he ever interact with you on your posts? Is he uncomfortable tagging you on memes? Every individual has a different way of conduct on social media, but if he is someone who is active online and posts photos of everyone—from his ex to his friends and other people—but never posts you, it is probably because he is not interested in you.

He avoids making future plans with you.

Every time you discuss long-term plans with him, he tries to dodge the topic. He asks you to live in the moment and not stress about the future. He gets uncomfortable when you talk about commitment. If your man behaves this way, it is time for you to move on for good!

Ladies, you deserve better than this. So run for your life!


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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