Signs that tell you that your testosterone level is low

If you are also experiencing these symptoms in your body, then do not delay and reach out to your nearest clinic to start a treatment procedure actively. 

Levels of testosterone get lower as you get older, symptoms can also be subtle but treatment is available. Testosterone affects your sexual development and appearance so it is very important to keep the level normal for a better lifestyle.

Low sex drive

It plays an important role in maintaining sex drive  commonly known as libido as well, people often experience decline in sex drive as they get older but a person with low testosterone would likely experience a more drastic drop in sex drive.

Hot flashes

Experiencing such hot flashes are a sign of low testosterone and in this one can feel a sudden sensation of warmth. You might also notice heavy sweating, night sweats, and reddening of the skin.

Difficulty in erection

Testosterone is responsible for maintaining and achieving an erection as it tells brain receptors to produce nitric oxide, which is a particular molecule that helps trigger a chemical reaction for an erection to take place. Therefore, if someone is facing a problem in achieving an erection before having sex or also having spontaneous erection like during sleep, then it is evident that testosterone level is low. But also on the other side, there are other health conditions that often cause erectile difficulties like thyroid disorders, high cholesterol, diabetes, anxiety, and stress.

Hair loss

Testosterone plays a crucial role in the functioning of the body such as hair production. Balding has become a natural part of growing older and it can also be hereditary, but those with low testosterone might lose body and facial hair as well.

Decrease in muscle mass

Men with low testosterone might also notice a decrease in muscle mass as it contributes to building muscle. Also, low levels of testosterone do not only affect muscle mass but do not necessarily result in strength or function.


Low testosterone may also result in extreme fatigue and also decreases energy. You might have low testosterone if you are facing constant tiredness despite getting plenty of sleep or also find it hard to get motivated for doing exercise.

Increase in body fat

Males with low levels of testosterone may also experience an increase in body fat and can also develop gynecomastia which is basically the enlargement of breast tissue. It basically occurs when someone faces an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen hormone in their body.


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