Signs That Your Clothes Are Built To Last

Wondering if you can trust your instincts on buying good quality clothes? Here’s how to know if you are on the right track!

There’s nothing more disappointing than spending your hard earned money on a piece of clothing you love at first sight only to find it falling apart after wearing a few times. Honestly, it does not take much to know if the clothes you are investing in is worth the buy. You have to be careful about a few details and you would be good to go. Here are a few signs that your clothes are of a good and durable quality.

The Material Is Not A See Through One

See through fabrics are exceptionally light weight and can feel like a blessing on the hot days. However, these materials are not very durable and do not last for a long time. The quality of the fabric is such that they would easily fall apart and come across scratches and tears. The lighter the fabric, the poorer the quality. Hold up your garment against the light and see if you can see your hand’s outline. If you can make out the outline of your hand, the fabric used for the garment is not of the best quality.

There Are No Gaps Visible When The Seams Are Stretched

The best way to check on how strong and good the stitching is on your garment is to pull at the seams of the garment. If there are no gaps visible, the stitching is good. When there are tight and frequent stitches the seams do not present any gaps making it a strong one. On the contrary, loose stitches could cause gap in the seams and make it easier for the garment to rip apart. Always stretch and check the seams of the garment to know if the stitching is any good.

The Shape Of The Garment Is Maintained After A Stretch

Whether the fabric of your clothing is stretchy or non-stretchy, it should not become lifeless and limp after being stretched a good amount. Tug at the fabric to see if it returns back to its initial shape. If it does, it means the fabric has a good recovery and the quality is high. If the portion of the fabric that you pulled between your fingers loses its shape and feels odd, the fabric is probably of a cheap quality.

Urbee Sarkar

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