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Signs You Need To Change Your Mattress

Can’t find a reason for not having a good sleep? Check your mattress and maybe it’s time to change it!

Confused about whether you need a new mattress? A mattress is something that has been with for you for a long period of time and so it is quite difficult to part ways with it. You have come to rely on it. You feel comfortable about coming home to it. However, like all good things, even your mattress has an expiry date and keeping it for far too long might actually take away your good night’s sleep. Nevertheless, how do you know if it is the right time to say goodbye to your old mattress and get a new one? Here are a few signs that say out loud that you should probably consider changing your mattress.

It Has Been Over Seven Years

That’s right! The expiry date on your mattress is seven years even though don’t really come with an expiration date. However, taking into account a few factors like temperature flux, humidity and dust it can be fairly concluded that a mattress should be changed after at least seven years. Moreover, think about the amount of wear and tear that your mattress has to go through with all the sweating, tossing and turning, weight fluctuations and addition of load on it. Keeping all these factors in mind, it’s time to change your mattress if you have been sleeping on for seven years or more.

Your Mattress Is Making Noise

Is your mattress making a noise like your dog’s favourite chew toy? If you hear even the tiniest squeaky noise out of your mattress, it is a sign that your mattress is probably on the edge of breaking down and you should start looking for a new mattress. The squeaking noisy is the first sign that your mattress is becoming less comfortable and supportive and that is definitely not a good news for your body. Immediately consider changing your mattress when you hear it making noise.

You Feel Uncomfortable

Your mattress is not supposed to make you feel achy or uncomfortable. It is supposed to do the opposite. When you don’t wake up feeling well rested and at the same time your feel achy, the reason could be your mattress. This is a sign that your mattress is no longer supporting your body and you should consider changing it.

Urbee Sarkar

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