Signs Your Child Is Gifted

Find out if your child is just smart or among the elite intellectuals!

A person is called gifted when they exhibit an IQ of 130 and more. Every child is special and some are born gifted. However, it must be noted that not all gifted children are excellent when it comes to academics. Intelligence can be of various kinds including academic, artistic, creative, musical and even in terms of leadership of qualities. Gifted children can be focused on developing just one skill or more than one when spoken in general terms. However, it is possible to understand whether your kid is gifted right from an early age. Gifted children show early sign of genius and all you need to do is observe them closely. Here are a few signs that your child may be gifted.

They Are Inquisitive

Gifted children are inherently more curious in nature than the others. They have a lot of questions about their surroundings and whatever interests them. They constantly ask question to satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Their curiosity may go beyond simple topics to complex ones that may seem unnatural for their age group. Notice if your kid shows an extraordinary thirst for knowledge and if they are always ready to learn something new. Their questions may seem out of the world to you at times but bear with them and try to answer to your possible best.

They Have A Creative Mind

A gifted child would demonstrate a creative mind. In any scenario, be it a school project or even playing with their peers, they will always come up with original ideas. This because their potential for abstract reasoning is significantly high than the others and they can associate different ideas to form into a new one. They have acute imagination and can even develop their own flawless stories, plays and songs at a very early age. They have a complex thinking capability and can create anything new and advanced without much effort.

They Have Strong Feelings

Gifted children are extremely intense and passionate when it comes to their feelings. They are much more self aware and are often very opinionated and have strong feelings for their opinions. They are also usually very emotionally intelligent and aware of the feelings of the people around them. Gifted children also tend to be sensitive and emotional; and might grow up to be introverted.

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