Silent Signs That Your Child Is Being Bullied

Let’s get it out there –parenting is not easy! You have to be constantly on your toes and aware of every little detail about your kid’s physical, emotional and mental state. In fact, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep up and especially so, if your child refuses to open up to you. However, it’s a whole other world of pain if your child is being bullied. If your gut says that your kid is being troubled but you’re unsure, here are the some of the signs you can look out for.

Unwillingness to Attend School

According to experts, most bullying occurs at school. So, if your child shows a consistent reluctance in attending school, chances are he does not like it there. In most cases, that is a result of being a victim of bullying. If your child frequently comes up with excuses to skip school or to get a half day, it’s time you take a deeper look.

Changes in Friends Circles

An unusual change in your child’s friendships could be an indicator of bullying, especially among the teenagers. It could be loss of friends or just changes in the intensity of the existing friendships. Moreover, if you find your child hesitating to hang out with his or her friends, it is a strong indicator that your kid is facing bullying from within the group.

Frequent Stomach-aches and Headaches

Bullying does not only take a toll on the emotional and mental state of your child but bcan also manifest through their physical state. Headaches and stomach-aches are often considered as signs of anxiety and stress that result from bullying. If your find your child complaining about these symptoms frequently, consider talking to them about it.

Intense Emotional Outbursts

If you find your child reacting intensively to any question or conversation directed at their school and school events, it’s a sign that they have bottled up anxiety in that area. Take notice if they dodge the subject and are unwilling to engage in conversation regarding their school activities. Their discomfort could be a sign of being bullied.

Troubled Sleep

Trouble in sleeping is another symptom associated with anxiety. If your child is nervous or anxious and has trouble sleeping on a school night, it’s probably a sign of bullying. Exhaustion due to lack of sleep is also another indicator for bullying.

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