Similarities between Mirzapur& Peaky Blinders

The fans of cinema love to draw parallels between their favourite movies and TV series. It is because when you watch something closely, you cannot help but notice the similarities and differences. The Indian OTT series Mirzapur and British TV show Peaky Blinders have many things in common which only true fans can understand and notice.

Mirzapur is a crime thriller drama majorly shot in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. The show revolves around the prevailing crimes, gun fares, drug wars, mafia politics, and lawlessness in the Purvanchal region of UP. Peaky Blinders on the other hand is a British crime drama Tv series, sort of a historical fiction created by Steven Knight. The story is about the members of a criminal gang set in Birmingham, England and follows the exploits of the Shelby crime family in the direct aftermath of the First World War. Let’s find out the cinematic parallels of both the shows.


Lighting is essential for establishing a look or mood for a scene. In Peaky Blinders there is a usage of cool colors and there’s noir, smokey, backlit look.  It looks like soft lights have been used. Usage of Hazeor possibly mist filter is there. The focus is shallow — with just dreamlike images of an early color process. In Mirzapur Warm yellow is used in abundance and there’s a Mexican tone to it. The show also uses washed-out scheme to highlight flashbacks and a lot of natural lighting at places. The use of primary reds and greens remain strong in both the shows at certain places.


Both the shows depict violence unflinchingly and offers violence galore. But when it comes to Mirzapur, it is a show which is not an easy watch, and that is. how shows for OTT are made. Body parts are frequently discerped, bullets almost always target individuals and even has the nauseating sound of guts spilling out after a dagger has sliced through them.


There’s a lot of usage of local slangs and explicit language in Mirzapur. Cuss words roll off the tongue with ease. In peaky blinders too abusive word is used in every other line. Peaky Blinders is an exception here, but  TV shows generally are devoid of slangs. Especially Indian TV shows unlike OTT shows.


The dialogues are a heart of both the shows. Peaky Blinders offers plenty of indecipherable British dialogue and cult inspired Mirzapur offers dialogues full of badassery, humor and wit.


TV shows are shot mostly in a studio setting but Peaky Blinders has been shot majorly on real locations and same goes with OTT series Mirzapur which evokes similarities to Wasseypur’s epoch making cinematic tone.

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