Simple And Effective Home Remedies To Keep Warts Away

Warts are harmless skin growths. HPV infection is the primary cause of them.

These skin lesions are contagious. Although it might take a lot of time, there is a chance they will go away on their own. Although chemical peels, surgical procedures like freezing and laser surgery are among the most common methods of treating warts, they may be costly and irritating to the skin.

Natural home cures for warts can also be tried.

Do not use these cures if you have facial warts. The skin in these locations is exceedingly delicate; therefore, you should see a physician instead.

Why some home treatments could be effective

Foods, herbs, and other things that have antiviral or acidic characteristics or enzymes that block the HPV virus can be used to get rid of warts naturally.

The treatment of warts may involve using natural antiviral medicines as well as acids that help eliminate the diseased skin. However, you should be aware that many of these cures have just anecdotal evidence to support them.

Apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar made from fermented apple juice is often used to eliminate warts. A popular wart therapy, salicylic acid, is supposed to operate similarly, peeling away the contaminated skin and therefore eliminating the wart.

Natural antibacterial properties of vinegar may aid in the battle against HPV, but further research is needed.

Apple cider vinegar should always be diluted with water. Irritation and chemical burns are possible side effects of acidity. Applying it to open wounds is also a no-no.

The skin of a banana

Banana peel has been reported to be effective in the treatment of warts in some cases.

It’s true that banana peels have been linked to the treatment of viral skin diseases, but there’s no proof that banana peels can combat HPV.

The inside portion of the banana peel should be touching your skin when you tape it over the wart before you go to sleep. Repeat every night.


Psoriasis, keloid scars, and corns are just a few of the skin diseases that garlic has traditionally been used to treat. Additionally, it is used to treat warts and other bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. In a 2014 study, garlic extract was found to be effective in eradicating warts in just four weeks. The warts never returned.

The peel of an orange

Orange peel is another common home treatment for warts. Although it is a low-cost solution, there is no scientific evidence to support it.

Rub an orange peel on the wart once a day for this treatment. The wart is supposed to change colour, darken, and ultimately fall off.


Protein-digesting enzymes, such as bromelain, can help remove dead and damaged skin. There is some evidence that bromelain may help treat various medical diseases; however, there is no scientific evidence to support its usage in treating warts.

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