Published By: Rinks

Simple Haircuts That Flatter Your Face Shape

The quest for the ideal hairstyle that compliments your unique facial structure might feel like an inexorable quest for the Holy Grail. Here is how to choose the perfect haircut according to your face cut.

When you find the right style for your face, you'll like how your features pop, and your whole appearance will improve. Also, if you start with the appropriate cut, maintaining your style usually only entails using the right products – frequent trims. Given that each person's face is unique, find out what we recommend for the best haircut for your face shape below.

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a rounder upper half and narrower lower half. With this face type, stylish side-swept bangs will draw attention to your beautiful cheekbones. However, wearing your bangs at the highest point of your cheekbones can make your bottom face look slimmer. If you want to commit to side bangs, you may fake them by creating side curls or a side braid. Choose a cut with face-framing layers if bangs aren't your style. This can assist in trimming down a rounder face and highlighting a lovely chin while giving your hairstyle an immediate appeal. Layers cut into the hair around the face are most effective when the hair is naturally straight or has been chemically straightened.

Round Face

Haircuts with blunt bangs are edgy and modern takes on a classic style. While having curved fringes or side bangs might make your face seem more significant, blunt bangs can help to reduce some of the volume of a round face. Ask your hairdresser for advice on how to blow-dry your bangs when it is your second time obtaining them. Your beautiful round face will be highlighted with a side part and big waves in your hair. If your face is round, try a side part to make your features appear more angular. To evenly disperse sound, loose waves are optimal.

Square Face

When you have a square facial shape, a deep side part might assist in reducing the harshness of your features. In addition, some of your manes will similarly frame her forehead as side bangs would if you wore them if you opted for a deep side part. This style is low-key and flattering on a wide range of hair textures. When styling a square face, long, loose waves are a great way to soften the angles. Of course, if your hair is long enough, you may experiment with various cuts and styles that flatter square features. But, in all honesty, if your face is oval, you can pull off any hairstyle.

Oval Face

An oval face is nearly impossible to outshine with a different hairstyle. Select a chic chin-length bob to

Accentuate your form. If you part your hair along the middle, your hair and eyebrows will be proportional to each other. When it comes to hairstyles, oval features are the most suited to the dramatic effect of an end pixie. The lengthier top portion frames the face attractively and provides visual texture to an otherwise simple cut. If you have an oval face shape, you should obtain a side-swept cut in which the longest part of your hair falls right over your cheekbones.