Simple One: Is it Here to Topple Ola?

Well, well, well; just when we thought things could not be any better, Simple One is here with an electric scooter that offers a claimed range of 236 kilometres!

In the Indian electric scooter space, the past few months have been all about the scooters from Ola Electric. Launched at INR 99,999 and INR 1,29,999, the S1 and S1 Pro from Ola Electric has taken the market by storm. Therefore, we thought things could not be any better in the Indian electric scooter space. However, we were wrong because there is a new bomb in the market. 

From Bengaluru, Simple Energy has announced their brand-new electric scooter; Simple One. Still, in the production phase, the scooter is prone to hit the Indian streets in September or October. While a review cannot be done at the moment, the spec sheet of the scooter is genuinely splendid. Question of the hour: Is it here to topple Ola Electric? At present, it is not possible to answer, but let us give you a peek of the impressive spec-sheet. 

For starters, the declared range is out of this world. 236 kilometres in a single charged session is what Simple One is claiming. If the number is true, it is better than Ola Electric scooters and way higher than the scooters from Ather. In terms of power output, the Simple One is powered by a 4.5kWh motor that generates peak torque of 72Nm; another area where it has outplayed Ola Electric. 

Moving on to other critical features of the scooter, the Simple One has four riding modes- Eco, Dash, Ride and Sonic. Another element unique about the Simple One is its removable battery. Simple One has divided the 4.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack into two parts. The first part is a 3.2kWh battery, which is fixed under the floorboard. The remaining 1.6kWh battery pack is installed in the removable under-seat storage. Therefore, if the scooter runs out of juice and there are no charging stations available in the area, a patron can take the battery out and charge it using a 15-amp socket at an adjacent store, gas station or home. 

The scooter is accessible in two tyre specifications such as 90/90-12 (front and rear) whereas one can go for the 100/80-12 (front) and 110/80-12 (rear) specification. The tyre choice also influences the mileage of the scooter to a certain extent. Last but not least, the scooter is up for grabs at INR 1.10 lakh. 

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