Simple origami crafts for beginners

Would you love to show your creativity with origami? Then this is just the right post you’ve bumped in!

There are a lot of amazing origamis you can create, that’ll gradually turn you into an origami master. If you’re struggling to decide, what projects can you create out of an origami, then check out some of the ideas mentioned below.

Origami Fish. Try out creating a cute little fish out of the paper in your hand. These would be super easy and quick to make. Make sure you fit an eye over each of them.

Origami Crane. Perhaps this is the most popular origami, made by beginners. You can create it using a bird base followed by a square base and then two petal folds.

Origami Tulip. You will need papers for this. One for the pretty flower, another for its stem. Try to make quite a few of them, so that you can collectively keep them in a pot, at your center table.

Origami Bunny. Doesn’t it already sound cute? Well, the final product would be cuter than what you’re imagining now. These are easy to fold, and adding colours to the eyes and bunny teeth will make it look more attractive.

Origami Box. Perfect to store your personal stuff, like earnings or even candys. Make a lid for the box, and you can even use it as a gift box by wrapping it with a beautiful gift wrap.

Origami Fan. This was my personal favourite as a kid. Insanely quick and easy to make. They look great when done with colourful papers. You could also make a bunch of them and gift it to a friend of yours.

Origami Plane. You’ve surely tried this in your school days! It will be an interesting activity for beginners who haven’t tried this yet. The steps for making the plane are quite easy to learn.

Origami Boats. The perfect origami for a beginner. You can try making them on a rainy day, and let it float on water. The process is quite easy, and you’ll learn it just by seeing the steps for once.

Origami Tissue holder. This origami is not just a fun activity but can also be made for personal use. Make it perfectly, store the tissues and keep it in your handbag. Using it carefully will last your origami tissue holder for a longer time. You can even impress your friends by showing off your handmade tissue holder.

Excited enough to start your first origami project?

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