Simple strategies to improve mental clarity.

A state of mental clarity is difficult to attainin a world full of distractions. The quantum of negative news and social media can easily affect anyone’s emotional well-being making them angry, sad, or depressed. Here are some simple strategies to improve mental clarity.

 Prioritize what’s important for you

All living beings on the Earth do not make choices, they simply grow to their full potential. Humans on the other hand can make choices thatare often problematic. One can choose to lie on a couch all day and be stressed by scrolling through social media or, take charge. One needs to identify what they want and put in full effort to achieve it.

Thinkof the Big Picture

Many a time one gets caught in the process and loses sight of what and why they are doing something. Losing sight of the bigger picture is the most common thing that fogs up clarity. A constant reminder of what you wish to achieve provides mental clarity on what and why you are doing something.

Walk-in nature

It has been proven by science that any kind of exercise clears up the mind and the easiest one is walking in a park. Even a twenty to thirty-minute walk in the neighbourhood park can do the trick. When you move, your mind enters a more positive state. This positiveness brings mental clarity and you start thinking more effectively.

Be mindful of what your mind is brewing

As said by Jim Rohn, ‘Every day, stand guard at the door of your mind, and you alone decide what thoughts and beliefs you let into your life. For they will shape whether you feel rich or poor, cursed or blessed.’ In short, protect what gets into your head. If possible, begin your day with nature – sunshine, rain, or park, and definitely not with social media.


You don’t want to end up doomscrolling,feeling sad, inadequate, and anxious. Alternatively, read a book, meditate, and learn something new. You have to unplug and relax and feel grateful for what you have rather than being disheartened for what you don’t. When you are happy and tranquil, you will be a lot clearer about life and what you want to achieve.

Maintain a journal

Embedding a journaling habit in your daily routine helps you to measure where you are and where you want to be. Writing a journal is a great mindfulness tool that allows you to streamline your thoughts and improve your mental clarity.

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