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Simple ways to improve blood circulation in your body

Blood Circulation, the mechanism of your heart pumping blood all around your different body parts, plays a crucial role in your overall health status.

Blood provides nutrition and oxygen to every cell and tissue to survive. So, the amount and quality of circulated blood have a great impact on your health. From wound healing to eliminating risks of lethal disease, healthy blood circulation is all you need to survive. Although being an automatic process, blood circulation can be improved by following simple steps. Go through this article to more about these steps.

Reasons behind poor blood circulation:

Blood Circulation gets hampered by anemia, obesity, untreated blood clot, internal injury, excessive blood pressure, Diabetes, damaged arteries, and so on. Poor circulation shows the following symptoms: lethargy, cold extremities, hair fall, delayed wound healing, and frequent fever.

Exercise can improve blood circulation:

This is one of the easiest and best ways of improving blood circulation. Any kind of exercise that involve cardiovascular muscles must be performed daily for at least 30 minutes. You can start with running, swimming, or cycling. Then shift to other intense cardio exercises. This increases blood circulation throughout the body.

Set your diet with more antioxidants:

The antioxidants decrease the concentration of free radicals and improve blood circulation through arteries. You should start drinking green tea and other antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

Treat any anemic condition:

Anemia is characterized by lower concentrations of hemoglobin, leading to a lack of oxygen supply to different body parts. Sometimes, the shape of red blood cells changes a lot during an anemic condition. To prevent such a situation, start consuming iron-enriched foods like pomegranate, legumes, and spinach. You can also try iron supplements to improve your condition.

Proper brushing is important:

No, we are not talking about brushing the teeth, rather we are suggesting brushing the whole body. This is another option to improve blood circulation. The best time to do it is shower time. Always use a soft-bristled brush and start from your legs, in an upward direction.

Try decreasing your stress and anxiety:

If you are extremely stressed, your blood circulation gets hampered badly leading to some unwanted consequences. So, stay away from excessive stress by performing yoga or meditation.

Other things to consider:

Start consuming Omega-3 fatty acid enriched foods as they improve blood circulation. You may also consider wearing compression socks to improve blood circulation in the lower body part. To improve blood circulation, you must avoid smoking and drinking. Both destroy arteries leading to improper blood flow and cardiovascular diseases.

With the rapid increase in autoimmune and viral diseases, it has become more important to have healthy blood circulation.