Simple Ways To Make Chemical-Free Cosmetics At Home 5 Hair And Makeup Mistakes That Are Low-Key Aging You

There are many things you do to your hair and skin unknowingly that harms them. Read in to know them all.

We understand how draining it may be to spend energy on your hair and skin regimen after a long day at the office. As a result, most of us resort to pouring water on our faces and washing our hair once a week for skin care and hair care. However, this is obviously not what your skin and hair deserves. No one wants to look older than they are as a side effect of not taking care of their hair and skin. Consequently, we have listed a few of the typical faux pas that people make that cause them to appear older than they actually are.

You Don’t Do Eyebrow Maintenance

You should utilize a concealer to fill in your brows unless they are already thick, like Lily Collins’ or Cara Delevingne’s. Why? Makeup artists will tell you that full brows like Cara Delevingne’s symbolize freshness, whereas thin brows with an arch signal advanced age.

You Should Start With A Primer

Primers often include moisturizer and silicone, filling the skin to create a smooth, foundation-ready canvas with minimal fine lines. If you want to disguise under-eye bags and dark circles, use concealer, but don’t go crazy with it. The stooped regions will be more noticeable, and the result will seem like a piece of cake. To avoid this, you can use a concealer brush and a primer with illuminating and smoothing chemicals.

Your Hair Lacks Shine

Your casual attitude about maintaining a healthy, brilliant hair color indicates advancing age. Healthy hair (described as shiny, bouncy, & glossy) is a sign of freshness and vitality, whereas dull hair (dull, flat, and one-dimensional) may give the impression that you are older than you actually are.

You’re Messing Up Your Eyeliner Application

It’s not a good idea to use harsh, thick eyeliner anywhere on your face, especially the lower lash line, because it gives the impression that you’re much older than you actually are. Who would want to bring additional gloom to an already annoying situation? Try a creamy pencil instead, and use it to lightly trace your lash line. Subtly defining your eyes is as easy as lining your waterline.

You Don’t Apply Blush

If you want your blush to seem natural, avoid choosing a color that is too bold or has a powdery or shimmery texture.


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