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Simple Ways To Make Chemical-Free Cosmetics At Home

Homemade cosmetics help you enhance your best features without worrying about the chemicals messing with your skin. Here are some easy recipes to make them.

You probably picture massive manufacturing equipment and individuals in lab coats inspecting them when you think of the production process for cosmetics like lipstick and foundation. That is, in fact, how cosmetics are manufactured in factories. But have you ever considered what may happen if you create your own cosmetics from scratch? It may last less time or look as nice as store-bought alternatives, but it will be chemical-free and made with the ingredients you select. Many of our favorite homemade cosmetic concoctions will leave your skin looking radiant and healthy. In this article, you'll learn about each one.


It's easy to whip up this DIY moisturizer, and it works wonders on the skin.


Aloe vera gel, 1 tbsp 10 drops of pure coconut oil 1 Vitamin E Capsule


Gather some aloe vera gel and coconut oil and mix them together. Toss in a vitamin E capsule and the rest. If you don't have any vitamin E pills on hand, almond oil is a good substitute. Bring the three parts together and store them in a small container. Use it any way you see fit.


Those who always need to remember to have their kajal eyeliner with them will like this concoction.


6-8 almonds Diya (a small clay vessel) Castor oil Plate Spoon


Prepare almonds for roasting by placing them in diya and turning the flames high. Next, place the two glasses at an appropriate distance apart and set the diya with the blazing almonds between them. Put the glasses on top of the steel plate to keep it hovering directly above the diya. Keep the container close to the Diya if you want to gather enough charcoal for the kajal. Wait to put out the diya till its flame has died entirely. Then, put the platter in the fridge for two hours before touching it again. The plate may be flipped over once it has cooled completely. The container's inside should be coated with soot. Putting a few droplets of almond or oil upon that plate but then scraping it will remove the soot. A thick paste should result from mixing the ashes and oil together. Store the mixture in a small, airtight jar. If you want your kajal to be thinner or thicker, add almond castor oil. As a liner, it performs admirably.

Lip Balm

With only a few simple ingredients and this guide, you can whip up your own lip balm at home.


Coconut oil Essential oils Lipstick fragment (for color) Container


Combine the coconut oil and beeswax in a bowl. Put the bowl over a pot of simmering water and whisk the two together to melt them. Next, drop in some of your favorite fragrant oil. To alter the shade, simply apply a dab of lipstick. Put it somewhere airtight, so it can solidify. Now is an excellent time to use lip balm.