Simple ways to speed up your smartphone

Because buying a new phone is not always the answer.

Nothing can irk you more than a slow smartphone. Imagine you are at a pivotal moment looking for those concert tickets or were about to impress your crush with newfound facts about something, and your phone slows down. Yes, we understand that even imagining this scenario would boil your blood. Upgrading to a new phone can’t be a feasible solution always, especially for a broken college student. So, here are some of the smart yet simple tips to speed up your smartphone.

Turning off and on.

The ultimate troubleshooting solution for almost any tech errors. To get your smartphone running again, this trick might work wonders. That is due to the same reason that switching off the phone helps you clear RAM. Busy RAM is frequently the reason why suddenly your smartphone slows down, So, turning the phone off helps to free up the RAM, and you would notice an instant improvement in performance.

Remove unused applications and bloatware.

With a smartphone comes a lot of bloatware that might not be useful to you in any way. Also, many a time, we install apps that we don’t use after a while. But these bloatware and unused apps take up a lot of your space and, secretly, slow down your smartphone. Try to clean up your phone in intervals and uninstall the apps you no longer require and the ones you cannot uninstall; try disabling them.

Clearing up the cache.

Your smartphone stores the information about a site or even an image in its cache store information to save your time. But on the other hand, it uses up the cache, which can slow down your smartphone. It is almost the same thing that usually happens when you browse through the net. So, clearing up your phone’s cache can make your phone faster than before.

Update your phone often.

There seems to be an urban legend regarding the updates on our smartphones.Themajority of people believe that these updates are the reason why your phone is getting slow, but the truth is that these updates are there to improve the performance of your smartphones and help them keep up with new features and applications. They are also known to trim down your software to make it run better, all the while using less resources.

If none of these tips helps you, then it is wiser to opt for factory reset, which would bring the phone to its original format. But make sure to have a backup before opting for this option.

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