Simple ways to tell your cat that you love them

Cats are known to be one of the most stoic pet animals.

Unlike dogs, not all cats are social, researchers have shown cats mostly have two types of personality. Social, chill and confident cats fall in the first type, and on the other hand, cats that are not very friendly, shy, and timid fall in the second category. It’s difficult to understand a cat’s emotions and how to impress them. We have a few tips for you that you can use to show your cat you love him.

Gentle massage

It is a misconception that cats hate getting cuddled. Like other animals, cats do love getting a massage too but it depends on their mood. When your cat comes to your lap on her own gently, start massaging from the head following a circular motion. Slowly scratch under the chin, if you are lucky you will feel the purr. Keep massaging the head, chin, and tailbone. Once your cat starts liking it you can massage the tummy too.

Provide running water

Ever noticed that a cat is drinking from the sink tap? It’s because cats love drinking running water. After all, their whiskers get wet trying to drink water from the bowl. There are more logical reasons to get a fountain, cats face trouble understanding the water level of a bowl, and they also sometimes doubt that standing water is unsafe. The majority of domestic cats suffer from dehydration so a fountain can encourage them to drink more water

Slow blink

If you have a healthy bond with your cat then you probably noticed that your cat slowly blinks at you or blinks one eye at you. In the feline world, a slow blink is a sign of affection, your cat blinks at you that way because she feels comfortable and safe when you’re around. Whenever you get the chance to make eye contact, slowly blink. Avoid staring and maintaining a straight, felines perceive staring as a threat.

Regular grooming

All cats groom and clean themselves but they absolutely love it when it comes from their owner or from another cat. Grooming them is an effective way to show them affection. By regular grooming, we don’t mean taking them to a pet grooming center, you can do it at home. Just keep brushing their body at a selected time, brush them for about 5-10 minutes. Do it every day at the same time. Allow your cat to select the time of grooming. You can also take a damp wet towel and rub their body and head using it.

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