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Singing during gardening: how does it help the plants?

Do the plants listen to the songs and react accordingly?

Scientists say that music is a must for healing the pain or keeping a good mood. That’s for the case of human beings. But does it also elevate the mood or health status of other live entities too? And if so, what is the process?

Gardening is one of the best habits to keep a healthy lifestyle as fresh oxygen helps in cleansing the body by keeping the negative energy away. Scientifically, spending some time with plants is worthy. Gardening demands both mental and physical activities. There is substantial proof of therapeutic benefits from gardening. Moreover, solid pieces of evidence suggest that singing during gardening helps both the person and plants simultaneously. Let’s find out the reasons behind this.

While singing, a person exhales more carbon dioxide which is further taken up by the plants that ultimately helps in the photosynthesis process. At the same time, plants provide more oxygen to the environment. Believe it or not, some researchers have shown that plants soft music like lullabies stimulate plant growth and they tend to lean towards the source of music. On the other hand, loud noise has caused many plants to wilt or die eventually.

Another reason for the impact of music on plant’s health relies on the sound wave created while singing. the sound of music creates a vibration that promotes the movement of cells with the ultimate result of more nutrient production. The normal human conversation takes place at 70 decibels and it was found that music of this range promotes the genetic activity of plants. As the frequency of sound increases from 20 decibels to 70decibels, the genetic as well as the nutritional activity among plants increases. Interestingly, it was found that female voices help in stimulating better responses than male voices as they possess a wide range of tones or pitches that enhance growth in plants.

There lies a deep connection between nature and human beings. Evidently, proper nurturing and caring for a plant brings enormous happiness and joy to both entities.While in the garden, one should always remember that, they are handling another form of life with cells, tissues, and organs. They face illness, extreme environmental phenomena like rainfall or scorching sunlight. We must be extra protective of the plants as they possess souls and crave companionship and special attention. Understandably, one cannot stay the whole time in gardens but create some musical effects in the garden. One can put small bells in the garden allowing it to be in motion and create some sound in response to the wind.

Let’s communicate with the plants in your garden, it is beneficial to both.

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