Sisterhood: Things you would understand if you have a sister

Your worst nightmare, your most precious relationship, sisters are best friends for life.

If you are a single child, we feel you because you have not experienced the madness a sibling brings in your life, especially sisters. She is your worst critic, your fierce advocate; seriously, never mess with a sister who is fiercely protective about her sibling. Having a sister means finding a friend in your house. Fights, crushes, favouritism, inside jokes and making your house a madhouse, you have it all with a sister. Here are some of the things you would understand if you have a sister.

Your clothes are my clothes.

With a sister in the house, there is no individual wardrobe. No, nope. Don’t even dream about it. So, that funky jeans you got, yes, the one you haven’t even worn yet and have saved for a special occasion? Guess what? Your sister would wear that while going it. Pulling your hair out in frustration would not help you.

Your insults are legendary.

We believe that people who grew up with a sister have the sassiest mouth, thanks to years of living (and fighting) with a sister. You are so innovative with your insult and inside innuendoes that it could put Chandler Bing to shame. Who starts it does not matter, but who ends it with a mic dropping insult is important.

People always mix up your names.

People with a sister near to their age would clearly get us on that. You would forget how many times you have been called by your sister’s name (you even stop correcting them after one point and go along with it). Seriously, school, relatives, and everyone else in between has always confused your name with your sister’s.

Sister would save you from a lot of sticky situations.

Bad grades, boyfriend trouble, saving your face in front of your parents and whatnot, your sister does it all for you. Believe it or not, when the situation turns awry, you turn to your sister.

If you need a reality check, call your sister.

Trust us; your sister would never mince words or show you a rosy picture. So, if you want an unbiased reality check on yourself, just call your sister.

You often have a common enemy.

You both have a common enemy, whom you tackle with unity and grit. And nobody can mess with sisters on a mission.

Lastly, you can’t do anything without her.

You need her like your next breath; sisters are everything.

Here is to all lovely sisters out there.

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