Sitcom (Situational Comedy) – Old vs New

Sitcoms or situational comedies have made us laugh since the first broadcasts of the television.

Sitcoms have been a part of British and American television pop culture for a long time. Since the very beginning of the mass media broadcasting these shows have aired at night across entire countries and made the whole family laugh together. In those times affording a TV was a big achievement for an American or British worker.

So, when someone bought it and got to watch such funny and light-hearted shows after a day’s hard work with their family – as they dine before going to sleep – they felt charged up to face the next day once more. And it should be acknowledged that those were times when the internet had barely reached the computers of certain labs and hadn’t even been personalised as a PC.

The first comedies: British and American Sitcoms

Some are heavily racist while some spur constant debate and controversies in today’s day and age. But even then, there were some which were simply there to entertain us. Mind Your Language is one such show which has a controversial narrative and demeanour when judged from what we know today and hence such a sitcom would probably never be made in today’s age out of the fact that people can at times take offence on behalf of some.

Nevertheless, this show is essentially about mocking and playing with the errors of the English language itself.

The popular comedies: Beginning of the most popular Sitcoms ever

The first sitcoms to follow through into the 21st century from the 20th century were made without any music in between the scenes. They also had live audiences to watch it directly as they represented a form of theatre. One such example of a sitcom which began in the 20th century and followed through to this one would be Friends. And the other example with which almost every GenZ can associate their childhood, Mr. Bean, an ingenious work of impeccable fun.

The recent ages: The sitcoms of today

Just a couple of years back one of the best sitcoms ever, with a live audience, came to an end after some glorious 12 seasons. It was a story of a group of scientists falling into the awkwardness of everyday situations and a girl who didn’t require a degree to tag along at par with them. The Big Bang theory is one to watch. And then there is Brooklyn nine nine, perhaps a fitting example of a modern sitcom.

So what are you waiting for, start binging.

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