Six Amazing Natural Swimming Pools in the World (Part I)

Swimming Pools are a great way to relax yourself and have a good time, especially during the summer.

Swimming is a good form of exercise also and it’s not hard to find swimming pools in cities as big luxury hotels have swimming pools along with independent swimming pools where you can take a membership or pay some fees to use. Still, swimming in a natural swimming pool is very different from swimming in man-made swimming pools. Here we have created a list of seven natural swimming pools from across the globe.

Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang, North Central Laos 

The Kuang Si Falls is a three-leveled cascading waterfall situated nearly 29 kilometers to the south of Luang Prabang city in Laos, the only landlocked country in Asia. 

The breathtakingly beautiful Kuang Si Falls is a hidden gem in the country of Laos. Surrounded by lush green tropical jungle, it also has natural swimming pools created by the waterfalls there. Swimming there will give you an experience you will cherish for a long time. It’s a perfect place to visit for people who love trekking as a trekking trail is there till the falls and on the way, one can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty all around.

Grotta Della Poesia, Roca Vecchia, Italy

Grotta Della Poesia, Roca Vecchia, Italy is one of the most famous natural swimming pools in the world and every year, thousands of tourists visit here to enjoy the natural swimming pool.

Grotta Della Poesia is a natural limestone swimming pool located on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Also known as the Cave of Poetry, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in this part of Italy. This natural swimming pool is 600 meters big and is circular in design. It has two openings, one towards the seaside and the second towards the landside. The pristine blue water of this pool is truly mesmerizing and offers a unique swimming experience to the tourists visiting there.

Dudu Lagoon, Dominican Republic

The pristine beaches may be the main attractions in the Dominican Republic but there is a natural swimming pool there which is fast becoming a major tourist point. 

In Cabrera town on the Northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, there is a natural swimming pool known as Dudu lagoon. It is quite popular among international tourists mainly because of its cool, crystal clear pristine water where one can swim and enjoy the natural beauty by which the pool is surrounded. The water of Dudu lagoon is very cool and clear unlike the beaches with a depth of 100 feet. There is a small staircase to enter the pool. Here you can also find pendulum-type ropes which you can use to swing and drop down into the cool water of the lagoon.

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