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Six Best Places From Around The World That Travelers should Visit For Vegetarian Food

Check out some of the best places around the world where vegetarian travelers can eat their hearts out.

Vegetarian travelers usually face difficulty in finding food that suits their dietary needs when traveling to new locations. They have to learn ways to explain their food-related restrictions in their native language and look out for restaurants that serve vegetarian food and accommodate their other dietary needs. To make things simple, we have mentioned the world's six best countries that are known for serving excellent vegetarian food.


It is no surprise that India is the ideal destination for travelers searching for flavorful vegetarian food. Nearly 30 percent of India's population consumes vegetarian food regularly. Every Indian state has its distinctive vegetarian cuisine, prepared with exotic vegetables. Sumptuous dishes like curries, stuffed parathas, dosas, idlis, and vadas will delight your taste buds.


Estonia, the Baltic nation has a chilly climate, offering its cuisine a healthy and hearty feel. Estonian recipes are full of veggies like carrots, potatoes, root vegetables, beets, and seasonings such as dill and onions. Contemporary chefs are now adding a modern spin to traditional food.


Restaurants in Italy are reliant on fresh produce every day. Juicy, ripe tomatoes top lip-smacking cheesy pizzas. You can enjoy aromatic truffles soaked in savory meat-free risotto. Meals prepared with silky, big basil leaves add a dash of minty flavor to Caprese salads. Roasted peppers and squash with glistening olives will blow your mind, making you want more.


Vietnam’s dietary restrictions and religious principles have resulted in the opening of numerous vegetarian eateries found all across the country. In this rice-loving nation, you will find tofu in abundance, prepared in different combinations. You may try tofu sandwiches, soups, fried tofu, chili tofu, and much more. Vegetarians should also try Bahn mi—a popular Vietnamese recipe that is stuffed with cilantro, chili, cheese, pickled carrots, and cucumber.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the best destination for travelers who are fond of spicy vegetarian food. They have several different types of vegetable dishes and curries that will take your breath away (quite literally). The Sri Lankan Jackfruit curry is very popular, but other vegetable-based curries like okra, aubergine (brinjal), breadfruit, pineapple, and various gourds are also worth trying.


Jamaican cuisine is incredibly versatile, and there are plenty of nutritious vegetarian options in meals. Most vegetarian recipes in Jamaica are cooked with ingredients like beans and chickpeas. Their vegetarian stews are unmissable, and some of the must-try dishes include Jamaican spicy potato curry and Jamaican pigeon peas stew.

To enjoy a plant-based diet on the go, consider visiting these countries for a hassle-free vacation.