Six Bollywood superstars who have never won the Filmfare award

The Filmfare award is presented for the excellence in the Indian cinema. Some superstars never got their hands on ”the black lady”. Read on to find out more.

Every actor in the Indian film industry dreams of winning the Filmfare award. Most of the stars are lucky enough to hold the statuette, many superstars though have etched a special place in the heart of the audience but have not won a Filmfare.

  1. Dharmendra:

Dharmendra, better known as the “He-Man” is one of the most loved and successful actor ever. He won over the audience by his super hit movie such as “Sholay”, “Mera Gaon, Mera Desh”, “Yaadon ki baaraat”, “Satyakam” etc.  It is said it was his cherished desire to win the coveted award. His wish, however, was granted when he won the Filmfare lifetime achievement award.

  1. Rajendra Kumar

One of the most successful actor in a career spanning for four decades, Rajendra Kumar was a legendary actor. Often dubbed as “Jubilee Kumar”, because most of his movie ran for more than 25 weeks at the box office, never won a Filmfare award. He is known for his captivating performances in the films like “Mere Mehboob”, “Sangam”, “Aarzoo”. He was awarded Padma Shri in the year 1969.

  1. Shashi Kapoor

The charming and loveable hero from the distinguished Kapoor Clan, Shashi Kapoor never won the esteemed Filmfare award. More so he was not even nominated for the Best Actor category ever. He won the national award for the best actor for his movie “Muhafiz”.

  1. Shatrughan Sinha

Shatrughan Sinha never won a Filmfare award despite being a popular and unconventional actor. He is known for his work in the movies like “Kala Pathar”, “Paras”, “Dostana”.

  1. Sadhana

The highest-paid heroine of the 60s and the 70s, Sadhana was the popularly known as “The Mystery Girl”. She was considered as one of the most beautiful and popular actresses from the golden era of the Indian Cinema, the 60s. Despite this, she never won a Filmfare award even though she was nominated two times.

  1. Mala Sinha

The veteran actress is known for essaying the women-centric roles and was a torchbearer for women’s cinema; Mala Sinha sadly never won a Filmfare award. Her movies like “Anpadh”, “Pyaasa”, “Phir Subah Hogi” were considered ahead of its times. She was however awarded the “Lifetime achievement award“ in 2018 by Filmfare.

Filmfare awards are sometimes criticized for being biased. But the love and appreciation these stars got from their audiences is far better than any award.

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