Six Brilliant Ways To Repurpose Cardboard Boxes

Unless you need boxes to move stuff, you probably don’t think of empty and old cardboard boxes very often.

If you have a lot of cardboard boxes around and you want to get rid of them, recycling is one option but before breaking them down, check out some brilliant ways to repurpose them.

Storage tote bag

You can upcycle old cardboard boxes at home and can turn them into amazing storage totes with just a little creativity, time, and a few supplies. All you need to do is, cover the cardboard boxes with fabric and then add an old belt to create the handle of the tote bag. These are incredible for storing all sorts of things you can think of, starting from magazines to kid’s toys and craft supplies. Once you are done making these tote bags, no one will ever know that they used to be old and unwanted cardboard boxes.

Cardboard castle for kids

If you have a big cardboard box from a piece of furniture or an appliance, make sure a child gets to have fun with it. Those big cardboard boxes can be turned into castles, forts, playhouses, and spaceships for the little ones at home. Cut and assemble the boxes and make sure there are plenty of markers, crayons, and chalks for decoration and adding details.

Decorative coasters

Pull out your old cardboards and make some cool coasters at home. All you need is coaster-size cutouts, paper, glue, and paint to create something that looks stunning on your table. You can also cut out an old photograph or image of something you love, and paste it on the cardboard coaster for an easy and themed look.

Cardboard photo frames

Cardboard photo frames are the easiest to create and are ideal when you want something customizable. These are not just perfect for decoration, they make great gifts for others too. Cut out old cardboards into various shapes, sizes, and designs for displaying pictures on the mantel or table.

Drawer dividers

Keep your dresser’s drawer perfectly neat and organized by creating dividers. Bring out an old cardboard box and cut them into small pieces to fit your drawers and to separate your socks from your t-shirts and other items. The dividers will keep your stuff tight and well organized.

Indoor dog house

Build a little dog house for your pup with a repurposed cardboard box. Your little pooch will love having its own space inside the house and you can further decorate it with cardboard shingles. You can also do this outside your house to shelter stray dogs and cats.

Go ahead and repurpose old cardboards and help the environment.

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