Six Common And Beautiful Thai Names And What They Mean

Thai names are some of the most fascinating and impressive names you will come across.

Here is a bit of an interesting topic: how do names work in Thailand? As odd as this may seem, Thai naming conventions have quite a unique and interesting history. Due to the nature and length of Thai names, it is not uncommon for people to have their nicknames. Check out our pick of six common and beautiful Thai names and find out their meanings too.

Somsak – Worthy Of Honor

The name Somsak is a very popular Thai name for males. It reflects that the bearer of the name is worthy of something honorable or prestigious.

Somchai – Real Man Or Man Of Worth

If you look up any list of common Thai names for males, you will surely come across this one. Somchai is by far one of the most popular names for males in Thailand. The prefix ‘som’ translates to worthy, and in this case, together with the word ‘chai’ meaning male, the name stands for ‘Man of worth’.

Arthit – Sun

People who are familiar with the names of the planets and other prominent celestial bodies in Thai will know that Arthit means ‘Sun’ or ‘man of the sun’. While that would be a deep enough meaning alone, the name for the Sun in Thai is itself derived from the name of a Hindu god.

Anong – Beautiful

Anong is a nice name as it means beautiful. They say that children grow into their names to reflect their meaning and the supposed traits it conveys, so choosing a name with this meaning should be easy to understand. It is used as a female name due to some connotations for the meaning.

Malee – Flower or Jasmine

Flowers and beauty are concepts that are often associated with femininity, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the word for flower is a common Thai name for girls. Specifically, it refers to Jasmine, grown throughout Thailand for tea and rice.

Praew – Shining

The name Praew is another incredible and common name that is meant to convey beauty. It is better perceived as shining or gleaming, which is also symbolic of beauty. The pronunciation is a bit unique, and English speakers may not be able to say it correctly at first, but you will get used to it over time.

You will likely come across many more interesting and beautiful names when you visit Thailand.


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