Published By: Satavisha

Six Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas For Kids That Do Not Involve Money

If you are planning to create a cute tooth fairy tradition for your little one, without the involvement of money, you have arrived at the right place!

You likely still remember all the minute details from the day you lost your first tooth—such as—where you were and how you felt. Whether you lost it at home or in your class, the feeling was surely mixed—and left a lasting impression.

Many kids go to bed feeling excited at night after losing a tooth—because in the morning, they find a reward tucked under their pillow, left by the tooth fairy who swapped it for the lost tooth. Many parents hop on this magical tradition and leave some money for the kids at night. However, times have changed, and now most parents are keen on finding better alternatives to celebrate this exciting childhood milestone. Here are some creative tooth fairy ideas to carry on this tradition with a modern spin.

Sprinkle some tooth fairy dust.

No tooth fairy can exist without fairy dust. It is impossible! So, how about a sprinkle of magic? Get some glitter dust from the stationery store and leave a sparkly trail of fairy dust in your little one’s bedroom at night, when they are sleeping. Create a trail that starts from their bed and follow it up to the window or doorway, suggesting the fairy had paid a visit at night. Cleaning glitter may be a hassle, so you can also use paper confetti.

Leave some trinkets

Instead of offering money to your child, you can leave some trinkets for them, based on what they really love. You can leave your daughter some cute hair accessories like a hair band, scrunchies or a plushie they always wanted. Similarly, for your little boy, you can get some car toys or shiny rocks as a token. You may also get creative and leave some colourful stones or crystals, or a small piece of jewellery.

Narrate mystical and captivating stories about the tooth fairy’s visit

You can add a dash of magic to this incredible legend by narrating exciting tales to your child—about tooth fairies and how they do their job in the quiet of the night. Your kids would love to hear these magical tales, especially when they have a wobbly tooth and are expecting a visit from the tooth fairy in the days to come.

Make a tooth receipt and tuck it under their pillow.

Since swapping the tooth with a reward is transactional, you can create a receipt and leave it as proof of purchase for your child. The receipt may include the transaction date, the condition of the tooth and what was left in exchange for it. In addition, the receipt can serve as a keepsake for your little one and help them track how many teeth they have lost so far.

Delight your child with some sweet treats.

Not many kids can say no to sweet treats like ice cream, cookies, or chocolates—especially when a tooth fairy leaves them in exchange for their tooth. You could place a cookie jar or bowl full of chocolate by their bed at night—so that the first thing they see in the morning fills them with joy. You could also buy them ice cream and say that you are simply following the tooth fairy’s instructions that were left especially for you. 

Gift them books

If you have a little bookworm at home, you could request the tooth fairy to leave them a book instead of cash. Find out what book your junior scholar would love to read and gently place it under their pillow.

You have now been assigned the task of keeping this mystical legend alive. We hope you do it well. Good luck!