Six DC and Marvel Superheroes Who Share The Same Superpowers

Do Marvel and DC draw inspiration or steal ideas from each other? Read on to find out!

Every Comic book lover is aware that both Marvel and DC have been fighting with one another for over decades to emerge as the best comic franchise among fans and in the market. But both Marvel and DC are known for blatantly copying characters from each other for a long time. Here are some Marvel and DC superheroes who share the same abilities.

Batman and Moonknight

We all know Batman. But now many comic fans would also recognize MCU’s Moonknight  ― a wealthy, costumed vigilante with impressive fighting tools and super abilities that he uses to effectively fight notorious crime on the streets. Sounding familiar? Despite some minor dissimilarities, both Moonknight and Batman are the ultimate baddies, representing the respective franchises.

Wonder Woman and Sif

Although Sif shares an Asgardian background while Wonder Woman originates from Mount Olympus, both the superheroes have several striking similarities. They are both elite female warriors with mythological backgrounds – each using a sword and shield to battle evil. They are both kind and have identical powers.

Green Arrow and Hawkeye

Both Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and Hawkeye (Clint Barton) are superheroes with no superpowers, only dependent on trick arrows and prodigious archery skills to fight in battles. Also, both the heroes are noteworthy members of major superhero alliances and sport distinctive color schemes: Green for Queen and Purple for Barton.

Deathstroke and Deadpool

Meet Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) and Wade Wilson (Deadpool). If it did not become obvious from their names, their mutual love for guns and swords should do the job. They sustained experimentation that offered them regenerative healing powers. But the only difference lies in their personalities. Deathstroke is a feared professional killer of the DC Universe, with a complex and dark history. On the contrary, Deadpool is more like a clown. He has a harrowing past but a comic role.

Catwoman and Black Cat

Apart from their shared inclination for feline-styled thievery, Catwoman (Selina Kyle) and Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) are identified as the enduring love interests of remarkable superhero casanovas Batman and Spiderman respectively.

Red Tornado and Vision

There was once a supervillain who built a super-powered humanoid to smash a powerful team of superheroes. But the humanoid gained a conscience and turned against its creator, and joined the team it was designed to oppose. This narrative applies to both DC’s Red Tornado and Marvel’s Vision.

If you saw these heroes together, you would think you are seeing double.


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