Six Epic Things You Can Enjoy In Morocco

Morocco is a country where you can witness dazzling diversity, from ancient cities to craggy mountains to deserted beaches and rolling deserts.

One day you will be mountaineering on the lofty ranges of Toubkal (the highest peak in North Africa), and just the following day you could be enjoying the Atlantic ocean rollers in Essaouira, walking through the blue twisting alleys of Chefchaouen, or snacking on delicious medieval street food in Fez Medina. There are plenty of things you can do in Morocco, and below we have mentioned some of the best for you to enjoy.

Explore Fez Medina as a Foodie

Moroccan food is a melting pot – along with Amazigh influences, the Moors, Arabs, French, and Ottoman Turks – all left a part of their culinary traditions. Be a fearless food enthusiast to explore the magic of medieval flavors and tempting sweet treats like wild honey, chebakia (a deep-fried dessert covered in sesame seeds), and more.

Visit the Popular Twisting Alleys of Chefchaouen

This famed village on the Rif Mountains features alleys with walls, all washed in a soothing blue shade, making it the most photographed destination in Morocco. Simply stroll through the narrow lanes and enjoy the colorful alleys. The distinctive architecture of Chefchaouen features Spanish-style balconies with ceramic-tiled roofs.

Slip Into Slumber Under the Starlit Sky at Erg Chebbi

If you want to experience a desert excursion with luxurious facilities, go to Erg Chebbi, where guests can spend the night at desert camps with glamorous amenities within the Sahara dunes. A typical desert camp package at Erg Chebbi includes meals and an exciting camel trek.

Explore Rabat

Rabat, Morocco’s capital city, rests on the Atlantic Ocean. The city has a rich history and culture. While you are in Rabat, consider visiting the Kasbah des Oudaias to explore the Hassan Tower and the Royal Palace.

Hike or Ride a Mountain Bike on the Ounila Valley

Hikers, off-road drivers, and mountain bikers will fall in love with the trails of the Ounila Valley. The trails twist and turn across this fertile ravine of farmlands and orchards, flecked with crumbling mudbrick forts, isolated settlements, and fortified villages (ksar). You can sign up for multi-day bike rides or treks to quench the need for thrill.

Visit Legzira beach

Admire the captivating beauty of the red arches and cliffs that dot the Legzira beach. Some of the arches collapsed and submerged into the sea some time ago but that gives you more reasons to visit the beach soon.

In Morocco, you will be spoilt for choices when planning your itinerary.

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