Published By: Satavisha

Six Fabulous Thai Pop Singers Who Will Steal Your Heart

Thai pop music is a little bit like British pop music from the 1980s – has fantastic beats, fun lyrics, and cute young singers singing it.

Most of the Thai music that is produced these days are pop-rock tunes with lyrics circling around the topic of lost love or love. A number of Thai singers have parted ways with the mainstream and are seeking new ways to create something musically unique and different for the listeners. Read on to find out the best of Thai music and pop singers that can easily rival K-Pop stars.


The current Thai pop charts are dominated by the T-Pop group “Klear” with their “One Time Won’t Kill You” single. This extremely sassy and versatile three-men-one-woman group is quintessentially Thai pop legends. They have the perfect looks, the tug-on-the-heart-string lyrics, and are famous for putting on a good live show.

Tata Young

Tata Young, better known as “Asia’s Queen of Pop” and is Thailand’s most famous pop singer. The half Thai-half American singer gained fame just at the age of 15 but is met with mixed reviews in Thailand for not being “typically” Thai enough. Young’s international fame came with her album “I Believe” and the single “Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy.” The pop singer over her career has released eight albums (three in English and five in Thai) and has also starred in three Thai films.

Bird Thongchai

Bird Thongchai is arguably one of the most famous male pop singers in Thailand. The singer ticks all the boxes with his hit romantic love songs and his charming handsome looks. Thongchai is not just famous for his singing skills, he has also starred in a bunch of Thai drama series and in movies.

Atom Chanagun

The top three hits of Atom Chanagun “Please”, “Aow” and “Dust” have each received over ten million views on YouTube. Most of the singer’s videos are pivoted around some kind of relationship drama that the Thai audience loves to watch. Chanagun’s unique and beautiful voice has kept him high in the Thai pop star rankings for quite some time.


Peacemaker constituted two male singers, who are sadly, not together anymore. The singers were famous for their beautiful and heartfelt ballads. The duo is still an inspiration for the Thai youth today. For a lyrical treat, check out their single “Kit Theung” and their album “Peacemaker”.

Da Endorphine

Endorphine, locally pronounced as ‘Endopheen’, was a four-member band that was popularly known for its lively performances and catchy tunes. The band broke up with lead singer Da going solo and still going strong today. Da Endorphine is viewed as one of the most successful female pop artists of Thailand and has bagged a handful of industry awards.

We don’t have to say it twice, you should definitely try listening to Thai pop music to expand your musical horizons.