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Six Famous People And Their Weird Sleeping Behaviors

The offbeat sleeping behaviors of these famous people may have you reconsidering your bedtime rituals.

We often hear about the significance of getting eight hours of sleep to function properly. For some of the most successful personalities on this planet, sleep is a precious commodity, and their sleeping habits often impact how well they perform their jobs, and they try everything possible to maintain it. From establishing a specific sleeping behavior and creating a special atmosphere, here are some of the bizarre sleeping habits of six famous people.

Michael Phelps: Sleeps in a chamber filled with air

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps makes sure that his sleep is not just plentiful, but also solid. In an interview, Phelps said he sleeps in a chamber filled with air that imitates sleeping at an altitude of 9,000 feet. It helps his body to produce an increased amount of red blood cells and deliver oxygen to his muscles.

Mariah Carey: Lengthy Lullabies

To perfectly maintain her powerhouse voice, the singer sleeps for 15 hours. Carey also likes to keep her room warm while sleeping. She likes to have humidifiers around her bed to get the feel of sleeping in a steam room.

Stephen King: Pillow Talk

Stephen King, the famous author is known for writing tales that keeps his readers up at night with their horror-filled content. But his own bedtime rituals are very specific. He likes to have his pillowcases to be pointed in a certain direction to drift off to slumber.

Marie Curie: Slept with a jar of radium

The French-Polish chemist and physicist slept with a jar of radium by her bedside, which eventually caused her early death. Curie passed away from aplastic anemia. But the damaging impact of ionizing radiation was not known at that time.

Van Gogh: Used camphor to fall asleep

Van Gogh doused his pillow and mattress with camphor to treat his insomnia. But the camphor slowly poisoned the artist and was one of the main factors that possibly pushed him to commit suicide.

Tom Cruise: Snore lore

Tom Cruise is quite a considerate snorer. The actor has a “snoring room” in his home, specially designed with soundproof walls to contain his nighttime snores. The “moratorium” was created while Cruise was married to Katie Holmes to ensure that they both slept better.

We are not sure of the health impacts these bizarre sleeping regimens had, or will have on these people, but their slumber rituals are worth noting.


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