Six Genius Ways To Make Money From Home

Whether you have too much time in your hands or you are strapped for time, there is always a way to make extra money from the comfort of your home.

The dominance of the internet has largely influenced our lives, especially with the norm of the work-from-home setup and social distancing; more people are searching for ways to earn money online to expand their streams of income. Check out some genius ways to make money from home while gaining valuable experience.

Become an Online Teacher

It is hands down one of the best ways to earn from home. Start teaching students online. There are plenty of online teaching platforms that hire teachers to offer online classes to students daily. You should have a Bachelor’s degree in any field to apply and have some sort of experience working with children.

Sign Up for Cash-Back Applications

It is one of the simplest ways of making money from home. All you need to do is sign up for cash-back applications. Then, you can earn store credits by redeeming points or win cash gift cards regularly.

Start Blogging or Vlogging

You can blog about all the topics of your interest and pull in traffic or readers, which will translate into money. There are numerous ways of earning an income through a vlog on Youtube or blog, via affiliate marketing or ad placements via Google AdSense or doing product reviews and writing guest posts in others’ blogs.

Become a Virtual Travel Agent

The best work-from-home job is to become a virtual travel agent. All you need to do is make virtual travel reservations for your clients remotely. As a result, you can assist your clients to save time, money and make the travelling experience simpler for them. Usually, home-based virtual travel agents work for host agencies.

Design T-shirts Online

You can earn money by designing T-shirts If you possess an artistic flair. There are numerous websites, both foreign and Indian, that will enable you to do so. You only need to contribute to the design and won’t have to fret about manufacturing, promoting, selling, or shipping the t-shirts.

Virtual Graphic Designer

If you design logos, websites, and graphics, you may consider becoming a virtual graphic designer and earn money from home. As a virtual graphic designer, you can directly work with clients to bring their visions to life. The income usually varies depending on the nature of each project.

So go ahead and pick a profession for your side hustle and earn some extra cash.


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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