Six Iconic Times Princess Diana Charmed The World Through Her Fashion Choices

When we look back at the wonderful legacy of Princess Diana, one thing that firmly stands out is her sense of fashion and style.

Although Diana, Princess of Wales lived her life in the spotlight as the ‘Most Photographed Woman in the World,’ there are still some interesting facts about her style you might never have noticed. Princess Diana was a fashion icon that the world still looks up to for inspiration. While she may have left the world too soon, her unconventional style and approach to glamour is something that has paved the way for modern fashion and couture. Let us peek into some of the finer facets of her legendary style.

The way she blended her tiaras into her hair

Instead of leaving her tiaras bare, Diana would have the base of them wrapped in colored velvet that matched the color of her hair. She had lighter colors and darker colors custom-matched so that they would blend seamlessly.

The Travolta Dress

While many would recognize this dress as the midnight blue velvet gown by Victor Edelstein, the “Travolta Dress” is what it is popularly known as. During her attendance at a Gala dinner at the White House in 1985, Princess Diana flaunted the beautiful off-shoulder dress and danced with “Grease” actor John Travolta.

When she rocked a Tuxedo

In 1984, when Princess Diana attended a Genesis concert at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, she wore a black-and-white tuxedo-style suit designed by Margaret Howell to grace the event. Besides looking elegant and stunning, it was also the beginning of a tradition of gender-neutral outfits in the royal household. Meghan Markle also followed in her footsteps and arrived at an event in a black tuxedo dress designed by Judith & Charles.

Necklace-as-headband moment

Although Princess Diana most likely had access to the royal jewel vault, she only ever wore two tiaras in her life, the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, and the Spencer Tiara. For other events, Diana occasionally repurposed necklaces and chokers to wear as tiaras. That being said, in 1985, when Princess Diana attended a formal event in Australia with Prince Charles, she wore an emerald and diamond choker, which she had borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II as a headpiece. This, although not intentional, did become the talk of the town.

The Elvis Dress

Another stunning dress from Catherine Walker’s collection, popularly known as the “Elvis Dress”, was worn by Diana in 1989. Studded with pearls and sequins and a raised collar (The likes of which only Elvis would wear), the white silk dress is currently at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The way she matched her tights to her outfits

As she was always required to wear tights, Diana would often have tights custom-matched to her outfits.

Princess Diana’s unique fashion choices constantly made her stand out among the rest.

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