Six ill-effects of Going to Bed after Midnight

The hazards of going to sleep way past midnight and how it affects your lifestyle in the long run.

Remember the time you binged watched the entire series, rubbed your weary eyes to check the time, and it was already 3! The current lifestyle has lead us into being night owls, and shifting the bio-clock has done us no good. We might not realize it, but the age-old idiom of early to bed and early to rise is something we should have heeded to. Here are 6 ways how sleeping past, midnight is going to harm your health.

  1. Insomnia-
You must have seen, sleeping late throws you off your bedtime cycle. The disturbance in the natural circadian rhythm leads you to wakefulness. It not only gives you trouble falling asleep but also staying asleep can be a huge task to accomplish. Often seen in late shift workers, lesser sleep can pose problems like anxiety and headache.
  1. Accidents-
Having half-a-sleep or sleeping late and waking up early can prove to be very hazardous to your wellness. Lesser sleep reduces your productivity and makes you prone to mishaps. If you believe you did not get your night’s sleep, do not indulge in pursuits like driving or working on heavy machinery.
  1. Lack of Immunity-
The lesser your sleep is, the more your immunity can get stirred by it. Sleep deprivation can elevate your inflammatory cells that caused body ache and osteoporosis. Sleep restriction decreases the production of antibodies from vaccination.
  1. Cardiovascular Risks-
Researches prove that lesser sleep hikes your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. People who rest less than 7 hours a day are subjected to myocardial infections. To keep stress and ailments away make sure you get a sound sleep of 8 hours before starting your day.
  1. Cancer-
This might sound harsh, but women who have shorter sleep span are subjected to more risk of having breast cancer. The secretion of melatonin which links sleep and cancer is lower when enough sleep is not attained. This increases the danger of being struck by the deadly disease.
  1. Obesity-
You might blame your appetite for putting on excess weight and perhaps trying really hard to shed it by exercise, but sometimes that may not be the real cause! It will surprise you when you realize that sleep defects too can cause obesity. Minimal sleep alters your body’s appetite regulation hormones. The more you sleep in proper times, the better chances are for you to lose the weight through sufficient rest and exercise.