Six Most Beautiful Aquatic Plants in the World (Part II)

These mesmerizing aquatic plants floating on the water’s surface are mesmerizing to gaze at.  

Exquisite aquatic flowers enhance the beauty of ponds, lakes, aquariums, and water gardens. Aquatic plants are put in aquariums also to make them more stunning. Along with adding beauty, these plants oxygenate the water in aquariums and fishponds. Also, the leaves of aquatic flowers provide food and shelter for fish. Here are a few names of the most beautiful aquatic plants in the world.


Anubias is a beautiful aquatic plant that is suitable for aquariums also as it’s one of the very few aquatic plants where flowers grow inside the water. 

Anubias are small aquatic plants that can bloom flowers that are entirely submerged in water. The flowers of anubias plants produce small creamy-white flowers that look similar to water lilies. They look very beautiful when the flower blooms in these plants in crystal clear water bodies. It’s also an ideal aquatic plant to keep in your house aquarium. These plants are very low-maintenance, and it has thick dark leaves, and their leaf shape is dependent on the species. Anubias plants have broad, long leaves that give shelter, protection, and oxygen to fish in an aquarium.

Water Hawthorn

The water hawthorn is a beautiful aquatic plant that yields pleasurable smelling, small white flowers. Along with the eye-catching flowers, water hawthorns also grow long, narrow, floating leaves. 

Water hawthorn is a stunning aquatic plant with small white flowers blooming on it. These plants produce large but narrow types of leaves also that float on the surface of the water along with the flower. If you have a water garden, this plant is perfect to grow in it and it’s also a great aquarium plant that enhances the beauty of the aquarium. It grows up to 10 cm and spreads up to 2-3 feet across the surface of the water. It blooms two times a year, the first time from mid-spring to mid-summer and again during winter. When it fully blooms, the flowers produce a pleasing, vanilla-like fragrance.

Pickerel Weed

Pickerel weed is an attractive, perpetual aquatic plant and it’s found in the USA. It mostly blooms in streams, ponds, and marshlands.

Pickerel weed is a nascent aquatic plant that produces one spike of blue-coloured flowers along with long, glittery heart-shaped leaves. Its leaves and flowers float above the water and the stems grow underwater and these plants are found usually in shallow, quiet water. This plant is native to America and especially found in the regions of Ontario, Nova Scotia, Southern Florida, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The eye-catching, blue flowers bloom between June and October. When fully bloomed, this beautiful aquatic plant not only adds a special beauty to the place where it grows and also attracts beautiful butterflies which enhance the beauty of that particular place.

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